Supergirl: New Footage Shows Off Multiple Villains


Just in case you needed to see some more action to get amped up for the debut of Supergirl later this fall, CBS has obliged you. The network released the new sizzle reel seen below earlier today, showing Supergirl using a variety of powers to save the day against several foes she’ll be facing in her first season.

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Most prominent among the bad guys Kara will be facing is Reactron, played by Chris Browning. One of the relatively few villains Kara can truly call her own (though he also fought the Doom Patrol), Reactron has radiation-based powers and can fire blasts of energy from his hands, something you’ll see in the video as Supergirl pits her relative invulnerability against him.

Also making an appearance is Maxwell Lord, and while it might be slightly unfair to call him a villain, I’d say anyone who ended up having his neck snapped by Wonder Woman in order to save the lives of Superman and Batman deserves that label. Still, he spent most of his time in the comics as more of a con man and businessman, and the version we’ll see on TV played by Peter Facinelli should be more in that vein.

One line from the clip does make one wonder if we’d ever seen Supergirl go up against any of the villains from the Arrow-verse. I’m referring to the “Earth doesn’t have just one hero any more” bit, which implies that it’s just her and Superman on this particular fictional Earth.

We’ll have to wait and see on that front. Supergirl makes its official debut on Monday, October 26 on CBS.

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