Where We Left Off: Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Pre-Season 3 Refresher


Welcome back to my Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD articles! With most of the summer off due to getting married and other such adventures, I’m more than ready to rock and roll for Season 3. Being so crazy busy, I have not been privy to many spoilers, so this should be fun!

It’s been nearly four months since we last saw our Agents of SHIELD cohorts in action, and if your summer happened to be as jam-packed as mine, you may not remember where things stand or what might be happening in these first few episodes. With the synopsis released last week, we do know that three months have passed since the last episode; that means characters will have adjusted to whatever their new roles may be.

So where did we leave everyone?

Simmons: Sucked into some sort of mysterious Kree weapon. Still missing with a potential to return with crazy powers and be one of Skye’s first recruits. Perhaps returning as the reincarnation of Ronan? I’ll leave that one for the “crazy theory” section of my brainstorm sessions.

Fitz: Super stoked that he finally asked Simmons on a date before she disappeared (and that she said yes!). Presumably mopey once more, though at least not with brain damage this time. The synopsis makes it sound like he’s ready to take dangerous action to find Simmons.

Mack: In charge of all things alien — and I have a feeling there will be many alien things this season. He’s probably angry about the whole Simmons debacle and ready to nuke every single alien thing. Hey, you gotta nuke something.

Bobbi: Nearly on her death bed after being tortured (and shot) by Grant Ward and Agent 33. Confessed that she was tired of it to Hunter, “it” intentionally left vague (SHIELD? Their back-and-forth heartaches?). Presumably ready to kick butt in the premiere … or have taken a desk job like May at the start of the show.

Hunter: Right by Bobbi’s side, sarcastic comments and all. More than likely following Bobbi in whatever she does. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between Hunter and Coulson since they went on the run together from SHIELD and he actually signed his contract/cocktail napkin.

May: Taking some time off to reconnect with her ex, making us all squeal in happiness because May deserves a bit of happiness after that awful reveal of what made her “The Cavalry.” Hopefully a little more laid back, but still an absolute badass because you can’t stop her badassery. New co-Director of SHIELD? I’d be down for it.

Lincoln: Realizing his safe haven with the Inhumans may not be so safe and moral. I assume he will be one of Skye’s new recruits, especially since he’s been bumped up to a series regular this season. He may be the “tortured soul” of the group this season, flipping between whether he belongs with SHIELD or out on his own.

Skye: Put in charge of a new ragtag group of Specials that was really only her at that point in time. She had also come to terms with her powers, her past and her family. She has a new haircut and is now officially called Daisy Johnson; her new outfit is also very comics-accurate, which is pretty sweet. It should come as no surprise that she’ll be one of the main focuses this season, heading up the Secret Warriors storyline I assume will hit its stride right around the midseason finale in December.

Ward: Oh Grant Ward, you may be my favorite character since you’re staying evil. We ended Season 2 with Ward grieving over Agent 33 and looking for any other heads of Hydra. With no one left (as far as his henchmen found), Ward seems to be stepping up to the plate. A Ward-run Hydra will be something to behold. And Brett Dalton has mentioned we’ll be seeing more of him this season. As the presumed big baddie, that makes sense.

(Side note: Was anyone else disappointed in Ant-Man when Darren Cross motioned to the Hydra agents and Grant Ward was not among them? How awesome of an Easter Egg would that have been if Ward had been there, silent in the background? Opportunity lost, Marvel.)

Coulson: After successfully bringing Skye back into the fold, stopping Jiaying’s plans of destroying SHIELD and losing his hand, Coulson’s done a lot. But he’s just getting started. With those Terrigen-infused fish oil tablets, you can bet he and SHIELD will be tracking down a lot more Specials this season. Here’s hoping due to all the secrecy in last season that he’s learned his lesson and will stop being so Nick Fury-like. I can see him relying on his team more this season, keeping them in the loop on the majority of things. They have all been through a crapload of issues and problems together, both internal and external.


This season promises a changed dynamic within the team. With Bobbi and Mack’s betrayal to other!SHIELD and subsequent return, Fitz, Hunter, and Coulson going on the run, Skye’s superpowers, and Simmons’ disappearance, the changes look pretty major. Will hard feelings remain in the air? Will we ever get an Avengers cameo? Will there be any mentions of Ant-Man?

All will be answered (well, probably not) next Tuesday, September 29th in the season three premiere. Be there and be square!

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