Final Bleach DVD Box Set Edition To Release September 29


After more than 350 episodes, the long-running anime series Bleach is getting its final DVD box set release later this month.

Viz Media announced that Bleach Set 26 will go on sale September 29, collecting the final 12 episodes (#355 through 366) on two discs for a suggested retail price of $44.82 in the U.S. and $51.99 in Canada. The hit anime about a clairvoyant teenager named Ichigo and his quest to help tortured souls find peace wraps up in 16×9 video with both English dub and subtitled Japanese audio tracks.

As for what to expect from the final chapter of Bleach, here’s the official description from Viz:

"In the final episodes, Ichigo begins training under Ginjo in order to develop his Fullbring powers, while Orihime and Chad discuss what little they know about Tsukishima and Uryu begins his own investigation into the attacks. Once his training is complete, Ichigo returns home, only to find that his family and friends have accepted Tsukishima as if they’ve known him for years. Confused and shaken, Ichigo goes to the one person he thinks he can rely on, but with everyone turning on him, who remains to be trusted? Find out in the anime’s final chapter!"

If you already own the previous 25 sets, surely you can find room on your shelves for one more to finish off the series. You can pre-order Set 26 from Amazon now or look for it at your favorite retailer on the 29th.

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