Gotham: The Maniax Are On The Loose!


Gotham has its first supervillain group! Theo Galvan has broken out several of Arkham’s most dangerous inmates (including Jerome & Barbara Kean) and set them loose to wreak havoc on the city of Gotham! While they don’t have any super powers, they are crazy enough to plenty of damage without them. And with Batman years away, only Jim Gordon stands in their way!

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So what does this pre-Legion of Doom supervillain group call itself? Well, the Maniax of course! Groan-inducing group name aside, this talented and psychotic group of criminals seems ready to bring Gotham to its knees. To what end? Only Theo Galvan knows for sure, and he’s not letting anybody in on that part of his plan just yet. Check out this “red band” (because it’s not really red band if you can show it on network TV) trailer below to get a little more familiar with (and more afraid of) The Maniax:

Be sure to see all the mayhem the Maniax will cause by tuning into Gotham Mondays on Fox!


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