Latest Team S.H.I.E.L.D. Dubsmash Features Supergirl & Batman?


Granted for obvious reasons it’s nothing we’ve been covering on this site, but if you are a fan of the TV shows Agent Carter and/or Agents of Shield (and yes I really enjoy both shows) you are probably well aware that the casts of both shows have been engaging in a dubsmash war (for charity).

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Each round has seen the cast of each show up the ante, bringing in guests like Miss Piggy and comics legend Stan Lee. Team Shield just released their round 3 video and it reaches across comic lines, bringing in Deadpool (who is still currently owned by Fox along with Fantastic Four & The X-Men) but also DC mainstays Supergirl & Batman to help them win the dubsmash war. Now granted, Deadpool is not Ryan Reynolds and Batman is just some guy in a batsuit (I bet they could’ve gotten someone who has played Batman in the past frankly), but that is actually star of the upcoming CBS superhero show Supergirl Melissa Benoist helping them out to dubsmash “Why can’t we be friends?”. Yeah, DC & Marvel? Why can’t you be friends? I’d be pretty psyched to see Supergirl show up on Agents of Shield. Anyways, you can check out all the dubsmash madness over here, donate to some good causes, and have the chance to win some cool prizes! We’ll have to see if Team Carter brings out the Joker for round 3 or something…

h/t Comicbook.Com

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