Will Arrow And The Flash Be Attending A Funeral Together This Season?


When Arrow star Stephen Amell posts to his Facebook page, fans listen … er, look. Anyway, Amell posted an intriguing photo to his Facebook page with The Flash leading man Grant Gustin on Tuesday that got people talking.

His caption read simply, “Game changing scenes are fun.” Naturally, outdoors in dark suits, the first guess for many fans was a funeral for someone both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen know. That could be any number of people, though, and you have to wonder with the means that both heroes have at their disposal for cheating the Reaper (the Lazarus Pit for Green Arrow and time travel for the Flash) how any of their friends could wind up really and truly dead at this point.

Just kidding, sort of. Comic Book Resources editor Brett White wonders if instead of a funeral, it might be “a wedding or even a really fancy picnic,” but we just got a wedding last season on Arrow, and you’d have to bring a rather large picnic basket with Barry’s super-fast metabolism.

Whatever the case may be, both shows are well into filming their current seasons, meaning we might not see this supposed game changer until closer to the holiday season. Plenty of time to get your guesses in before then!

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