The Post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe Thinks The X-Men Have Disbanded


If you’re an X-Men fan, you had every right to be worried about the future of the team after Secret Wars. Because the franchise is still popular, Marvel can’t just shuffle all its mutant heroes to the side like it has the Fantastic Four, but by the same token, this isn’t the 90s, so the X-Men don’t have to be kept on the front burner to make more money for Fox’s movies. All of the rumors, like the X-Men being banished to another planet, were very believable for just that reason.

As it turns out, the post-Secret Wars status quo of the X-Men won’t be quite that fanciful. Cullen Bunn, writer of the upcoming Uncanny X-Men, explained to that the X-Men won’t be off the board — it’s just that the general public will think they are.

"The world at large believes the X-Men are no more. We, of course, as readers are in on the secret. The X-Men are still alive and kicking, but they’ve changed in the wake of this hostile environment they’re facing. There will be more than a few mysteries remaining to be solved and that will happen along the way. In the meantime, there are still threats to mutantkind that must be addressed."

Maybe that’s more of a throwback to the 90s than I gave it credit for, as it calls to mind the time the Marvel Universe believed the team was killed saving the world from the Adversary. In any case, each team will have a slightly different focus, with the Uncanny X-Men as a Magneto-led strike force against threats to mutants, the All-New X-Men are making a road trip, and the Extraordinary X-Men are doing … something else.

Most importantly, the fact that there are that many X-Men books means they won’t be hard for us to find, even if the citizens of the Marvel Universe don’t realize that.

(via Comic Book Resources)

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