First Look At Mike Colter On The Set Of Luke Cage


Via, we have a series of pictures that give us a first look at Mike Colter on the set of Netflix’s Luke Cage.

The site’s source for the images is Getty Images, which also has a collection of pictures that include Cage’s first appearance in Netflix’s Jessica Jones.

Even though Marvel will be going for a dark, realistic look, much like Daredevil, it wouldn’t be completely far-fetched for our future Power Man to sport his famous yellow shirt during the first season.  He could gain it at towards end where the audience will receive a very logical explanation as to why he wears it, akin to how our Man Without Fear got his red suit.

Synopsis: In this Marvel live-action series, a street-fighting ex-con battles crime in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen as the superhero Luke Cage.

Netflix’s Luke Cage is set to premiere all episodes sometime in 2016.  Cheo Hodari Coker will serve as the series showrunner, and will star Mike Colter as Luke Cage.

Luke Cage is one of four Marvel/Netflix shows centered around street-level events taking place in New York.  The other three are DaredevilJessica Jones, and Iron Fist.  Like the cinematic universe, all four characters from each show will later converge together in a miniseries event called The Defenders — another superhero team akin to The Avengers.

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