Gotham: Baccarin’s Pregnancy Will Not Be Addressed


Yesterday it was reported that Gotham stars Ben McKenzie & Morena Baccarin were obviously carrying on their on-screen romance off-screen, as Baccarin is pregnant with McKenzie’s child. Will this affect Gotham in any way?

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According to TV Line, no. In one manner, this could be an easy out. Barbara Kean isn’t a particularly important woman in the Batman universe beyond giving birth to Barbara Gordon. This is part of the reason Gotham had her turned into a serial killer, to have SOMETHING to do with her. With Baccarin pregnant, it could be theoretically written into the show that Barbara Gordon is actually the child of Leslie Thompkins & James Gordon (although with Barbara Kean trying to terrorize both of them, naming your daughter after her might be weird). But it’s also nothing new for a cast member to get pregnant and simply have it hidden on camera and then just have them be off the show for a bit. So while it won’t be addressed on Gotham, it may at least affect the show a bit (i.e. don’t expect to see Leslie Thompkins do much in the way of physical scenes for the next 9 months).

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