Gotham: Gordon Represents What Jerome Wants To Destroy


Jerome and Gordon are two opposing forces due to clash on this season on Gotham!

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Cameron Monaghan, who plays Jerome on Gotham, talked with CBR about what Gordon represents to Jerome:

"This season is “The Rise of the Villains,” and the first few episodes are really the rise of Jerome. He sees Jim Gordon as this emblem or paradigm of law and order, all the things Jerome resents and wants to destroy. He wants to make an example of Jim. He wants to inspire madness within the city. He wants everyone on the same page. Jerome has gone from committing a crime of passion to full-on acts of violence and terror."

Jerome also has a run-in with a certain young billionaire on tonight’s episode of Gotham:

"It’s hard to say without giving stuff away. It’s something I am looking forward to. It’s already cool to be in a scene with Bruce Wayne, and David [Mazouz] does such an awesome job with the character. It’s cool to have these two strong personalities, these two iconic characters, meeting within a scene. It’s not fully fleshed out into what it may one day be. It’s something that’s going to excite a lot of people."

Be sure to read the full interview over at CBR and be doubly sure to tune in to Gotham tonight on Fox to see Jerome & Bruce Wayne meet for the first time!

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