Moon Knight #1 First Look: Hero In His Own Mind?


Sometimes the best fictional concepts are the ones that are pushed to their logical extremes. Take Moon Knight, for example. One of the unique facets of the character is that he pulled off multiple secret identities. Isn’t it possible that juggling act could have taken a toll on his mind?

According to the set-up for the new Moon Knight #1 coming next year, it certainly could have, and in a much worse manner than you might expect. Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Greg Smallwood are about to present us with the story of a man who might not even be a super hero at all, because he can no longer be sure his adventures really happened.

Here’s how Marvel describes the premise:

"His mind is full of identities, and he no longer knows which is real. Now residing in a mental health facility, his thoughts are clouded and he has no idea what to believe. If he calls to Khonshu, he believes the ancient Egyptian lunar god will answer. Is this a sign he still clings to his sanity, or has it slipped from him completely? If Khonshu answers his prayers – what could he ask in return this time?"

Lemire is no stranger to the macabre, so this promises to be like no other super hero comic in Marvel’s line. And one can only imagine what kind of threats a character this scrambled will be likely to face …

Moon Knight #1 is coming in spring 2016, but you don’t think we’d get you all excited about it without at least throwing some preview pages your way, right? Perish the thought. Scroll down to get your first look, and keep your fingers crossed for Marc Spector, because he might just be in a bad way by the time that first issue hits stores.

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