The Flash: Even Grant Gustin Surprised By Season 1 Finale Twist


Even the Fastest Man Alive can be caught off-guard — or at least Grant Gustin, the man who plays Barry Allen on The Flash, certainly can be.

Just having the job as the series’ leading man doesn’t mean that Gustin was prepared for all of the twists and turns his character’s story took in Season 1. Specifically, he wasn’t expecting the twist in the finale, “Fast Enough,” when Eddie Thawne decided to sacrifice his own life to stop the Reverse-Flash (his distant descendant) from ever existing.

In a short video interview to promote Season 2, Tom Cavanagh, the show’s once and future Harrison Wells, talked about his co-star’s reaction to that revelation.

"I don’t think people foresaw Eddie turning a gun on himself to wipe out all his descendants, including Eobard Thawne and thus save the day. I remember when Grant Gustin, who plays Barry, read it, he was like, “Dude!” So yeah, good. Nice twist."

Dude, indeed. We’ll assume the writers and producers have more of those moments in store for us and Gustin in Season 2 — which, by the way, is only about a week away on Tuesday, October 6.

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