Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap – “Laws Of Nature”


The prodigal TV show returns! After spending all morning in an urgent care waiting room, watching Agents of SHIELD’s premiere sounds like a treat. (Prognosis: ear infection in both ears. What am I, five?!)

It feels like years since we last saw our SHIELD compatriots, so how did they fare in the premiere?

Not-So-Short Summary: We begin with the fish oil tablets, the remnants of unworthy people strewn about an apartment and a mysterious, LOST-like fog out the window. A new Inhuman is wreaking havoc, though he knows he needs help, and the people who have found him are not helpful.

He gets trapped in an alley, but that’s when Skye/Daisy, Mack, and Hunter show up. They send for some sort of super high tech containment chamber that takes him back up to the brand spankin’ new Bus, since they exploded the last one.

A mysterious woman shows up at the scene of the crime, and Coulson gets a shot of her face. It turns out she’s been capturing these various Inhumans as they crop up, and is royally ticked that one got away. She has four different aliases with four different organizations, they come to discover later.

Up on the new Bus, Skye tries to talk some sense into the new Inhuman Joey, but he’s not quite understanding (understandably so). She does ask him if he takes fish oils; he replies not every day.

Then we get our first shot of Bobbi in her new role! She’s the welcome committee for new Inhumans, so she’s down in the lab now; we find out later she’s still in rehab for her once-broken knee. Once Joey is “unpacked,” Skye and Mack pay a visit where Skye lays out the truth about his Inhumanity, and again, he doesn’t quite get it. He seems mostly upset about not being able to go back to his old life, so Mack turns on the TV.

“The world’s been a little twitchy since Sokovia fell out of the sky,” Skye says over the news broadcasts begging for any witnesses to come forward. Joey freaks, and Skye fires a warning shot…aka she shoves him against a wall with her powers.

Meanwhile, Coulson pays a visit to Bobbi in the lab and helps catch the audience up on what’s going on. It turns out the fish oils are not deadly to humans, but are game-changing to Inhumans, so that makes sense as to why half the population isn’t dead. However, she points out the fact that the Terrigen Crystals could have spread to other sea life and could really be anywhere.

Fitz , by the way, is off chasing one last lead on the Monolith, which hasn’t done anything since it swallowed Simmons. It turns out he’s off in Morocco, chasing one more lead regarding the Kree stone.

At knife-point, he gives us a quick history of it: it was buried in the Yucatan for thousands of years, a skull casing over 1000 years old holds a parchment that describes the Monolith, which happens to be in the room he’s in. In return for the scroll, he gives them splinter bombs, which they attempt to use against him…but it’s a flash bomb, and Fitz gets away with the parchment.

Back in the lab, Bobbi figures out the mystery organization’s gun: it’s DARPA. They track the mystery woman’s route, so Coulson and Hunter go to corner her, only to fall into her own setup. Between subway stops, Coulson and mystery woman Rosalind have cagey banter. She claims to be in charge of neutralizing the threat the Inhumans present and is annoyed that Coulson is killing them before she can get to them.

But it turns out someone is killing the Inhumans after SHIELD loses them but before Rosalind finds them. That “someone” is tracking down Lincoln at the hospital where he now works. And it just so happens that Skye and Mack are there attempting to get Lincoln out of the nice little life he’s built for himself.

Bullets, electricity, and quakes don’t seem to do much of anything to this mystery guy. Both Coulson and Rosalind get phone calls about the situation on the sub, which is when Coulson and Hunter break free. Unfortunately, in the hospital, the Inhuman gets away while Lincoln flees and Mack and Skye escape as well.

We get a fun cameo from the MCU President of the United States discussing all of the alien threats in the last three years. As he gives his speech, Coulson’s scenario machine regarding the spread of Inhumans finishes. The results are less than stellar.

Coulson is in the lab when Fitz returns and gets to see that the scroll Fitz tracked down is the Hebrew word for death. Coulson tries to talk sense into Fitz; they need to say goodbye to Simmons, they need to make it official. Fitz seems to relent his mad witch hunt for answers…except that he goes into the quarantined room and screams at the Monolith to do something. Heart-wrenching screams.

Post-Credits Stinger: It’s Simmons! Running through rocky, dusty terrain with a cut above her eyebrow. She comes around a corner and we see multiple moons/worlds in the sky behind her.

Badass Moment of the Week: All of the Inhuman powers. We saw glimpses of them last season, but it’s really fun to see them in full action now that people aren’t afraid to use them…or are still not in control of them.

Best One-Liner: “You’ve been spying on me?” Joey asks angrily.
“I looked at your Facebook page,” Bobbi replies with a shrug.

Rosalind seems to know quite a bit about Coulson, especially the TAHITI Project. That was less of a throwaway comment and more of an angry stab. I want to know where she’s getting all of her information. Any theories? I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

If you were wondering about that mystery super crazy Inhuman, his name is Lash. In the comics, after a Terrigen bomb goes off over New York City, he makes it his personal mission to track down all of the Inhumans and judge whether they are worthy to have their powers. This sounds like it’ll be fun!

I very much enjoyed the Ant-Man shoutout about Simmons potentially going subatomic inside the Kree stone. Now that would be clever! We’ll see what next week holds and where exactly she is.

It saddens me to hear that May left for vacation and didn’t return. Five bucks says her super awesome mother is having her do something super awesome and super secret. Or maybe her and Andrew are double-dating with Hawkeye and his wife.

Likewise…I’m glad to see Bobbi and Hunter actually getting along (and potentially getting married?! I didn’t quite understand the ring gesture, though my hearing is also very shot in one ear at the moment). I like their vendetta to track down Ward. It doesn’t sound like a very good plan, but if anyone can make it work, it’s Bobbi and Hunter.

Guys, it’s going to take me a review or two to start typing Daisy instead of Skye. I’m thinking/hoping it’s more of her codename or mutant name, like Storm or Mystique and that’s just what she goes by now. I mean, it’s not like anyone in the X-Men movies calls her Ororo.

Well this is a good way to start an Agents of SHIELD season. I feel as though this episode was full of flash, but not too much, and just enough teasing for future plot threads to keep people interested.

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