The Flash: New Season 2 Promo Offers First Look At Zoom


Fans of The Flash already know that Zoom is coming to menace the Fastest Man Alive in Season 2, and that Tony Todd is giving the “demon” his voice. But what does he look like?

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He’s not another man in yellow, that’s for sure. The latest Season 2 promo trailer released by The CW, which you can see below, offers a first glimpse of Zoom, looking poised to bridge the gap between worlds and threaten Central City.

Naturally, Barry Allen won’t have to fight him alone. The promo also shows Jay Garrick comparing nicknames with him (Scarlet Speedster vs. Crimson Comet) and telling Barry that it’s time to see what he’s made of. Even more intriguing is a pep talk given to Cisco Ramon by Professor Martin Stein. It could just be referring to Cisco’s smarts, which have helped Team Flash out of more than one tight spot already, but it could also be a discussion of the abilities he began to manifest late in Season 1 that could eventually lead to him becoming Vibe.

It’s almost cruel at this point to get fans even more revved up for the new season than they already are, but I suppose that’s the network’s job, right? The Flash makes its Season 2 debut at 8 pm on Tuesday, October 6 on The CW.

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