Gotham Review: Knock Knock


Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Gotham episode Knock Knock

Hey Batman fans I’m back with another Gotham episode review! Gotham season two has been officially titled Rise Of The Villians and this week’s episode is called Knock Knock. In the first episode Theo Galavan and his sister Tabitha broke six criminals, including Jerome Valeska and Barbara Kean, out of Arkham Asylum. In this week’s episode we see what happens when those lunatics, or maniacs as they call themselves are let loose on an unsuspecting Gotham.

I’m going to be beyond disappointed if it turns out that Jerome isn’t the Joker, this kid has the manic mannerisms, the laugh and everything he needs to be an amazing Joker. I’m also really looking forward to next week’s episode when he and Bruce are going to encounter each other. Theo Galavan is a criminal genius, he kind of reminds me a little bit of Moriarty in the BBC’s Sherlock series, the brilliant brain in the shadows pulling the strings and manipulating the other criminals, and all without the good guys knowing he exists. I foresee it taking several episodes before Gordon and the police can figure out that there is a puppeteer and who he is. The Galavans may not even be confronted by Gordon until mid season, just in time for the Christmas break.

Barbara and Tabitha are getting along quite well, and I suspect that Theo may be keeping them in his pocket as his ace in the hole, meant for something extra sinister and scary after he has used Jerome and the Maniax to weaken the city.

Seeing what is in the cave that Thomas Wayne was hiding from his family makes me really mad. Medical equipment, weapons, tactical gear and computers, it all looks suspiciously like the sort of things one would expect to find in a vigilante’s lair. I have been saying since the show began that Thomas Wayne wasn’t going to turn out to be Batman, and how stupid that would actually be. I’m not going to deny it, if I’m wrong I’m going to lose all faith in this show and someone else may have to write the reviews! I still strongly believe that he isn’t Batman, for one thing it would have been made clear before now that there was some dark figure patrolling Gotham and making life miserable for the criminal element before the death of the Waynes. I’m hoping that he was stock piling, either preparing to become some kind of vigilante or possibly getting ready for some disaster he foresaw in Gotham’s future. But admittedly all his stock piling may come in handy for Bruce when he is ready to become the Batman he will already have the makings of the Batcave.

The story line between Alfred and Bruce in this episode is a bit ridiculous, considering that while Bruce may have the authority to fire his butler, but as a child he does not have the authority to fire his legal guardian! I’m sure that Alfred was only pretending to leave in order to get the boy back, but he should have just said, fine I’m not your butler anymore, you can fire me, but I am still your legal guardian and as a child you cannot make me go anywhere! I guess he thought it would be better for their relationship if Bruce thought that he was the one in charge but honestly the kid needs to realize at some point that he is a child and the adults in his life will do what they think is best and he doesn’t get a say! The fact that Alfred doesn’t teach him that lesson is part of why he loses control of Bruce and is unable to keep the kid from turning into the Batman.

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It’s sweet that Scotty is so protective of Bullock, doesn’t want Gordon around him for fear he’ll drag him back into the life and get him killed. You know, Essen claims that Bullock was born to be a cop but I think if he was he wouldn’t have ended up with such a healthy and content civilian life. If he was truly meant to be a cop he wouldn’t have been a miserable drunk and a bit of a dirty cop to boot.Though he’s practically a saint as far as the GCPD is concerned.

It’s sorta cute that when Edward is nervous about talking to Ms. Kringle he spouts random trivia. His conflict with Big Bad Ed is fun to watch, I wonder if bad Ed taking over is what will turn him into the Riddler or if the Riddler will be the two personalities coming to an accord.

The Maniax are certainly doing a good job of terrorizing Gotham, if I were a parent I wouldn’t want my kids leaving the house after the Maniax nearly torched a school bus full of cheerleaders. And meanwhile, Alfred and Bruce seem to be completely oblivious to the crazy hell going down in Gotham. I want to know why the hell Bruce wasn’t in school up til now!? He should have gone right back when they came home from Switzerland.

And now Lucius Fox officially enters the picture, for more than just a cameo. Alfred’s threat is quite amusing, not that I don’t believe that he really would kill someone who seriously wronged Bruce. Thus begins a long and mutually beneficial friendship between Fox and Bruce.

I really don’t understand why Theo Galavan wanted Gordon out the precinct, why does Theo find Gordon so threatening, theoretically he’s no more dangerous to the Maniax than any other cop in the precinct. Why is it that one man, who isn’t Batman, would have made any difference in all that chaos. Good thing Greenwood didn’t see Leslie, he’d probably like to have her for dinner, literally. I was very happy to see Ed and Ms. Kringle were hiding out together, they really would be a cute couple. Though it’s obvious that her rejection is meant to play a big role in turning him villainous.

Of course it takes the death of Commissioner Essen to bring Harvey back out of civilian life. Interesting that they chose to kill off Sarah Essen, so soon into her career as commissioner. It occurs to me that they have pretty much eliminated both of Gordon’s comic book canon wives. Barbara is crazy and he wants nothing to do with her, and Sarah is dead before he could even have romantic feelings for her. Also if he and Leslie get married and have children, why the hell would they name their daughter after his psycho ex fiance.

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