Gotham: Clip From The Last Laugh


Jerome has really broken out on his own as the leader of the Maniax (the ones left anyways) in Gotham! This Monday’s episode, “The Last Laugh”, promises to be even more intense than the last (and that ended with most of the GCPD, including Commissioner Essen, dead)!

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In this clip from this upcoming episode of Gotham, Jerome is getting the silent treatment from his father (doesn’t help that his father is gagged and bound to a chair), so he tells him a story. The gist of it is that his dad never believed in him, but this new guy (Theo Galvan) sees something him, and believes he’ll be a star. Not surprisingly, Jerome believes this as well (but hey, it’s important to believe in yourself, even if you are a mass-murdering psycopath). What ends will Jerome go to to find everlasting infamy? Watch the clip below and watch this coming Monday’s episode of Gotham on Fox to find out who gets The Last Laugh!

h/t ComicBookMovie.Com

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