Gotham: Two Iconic Characters Finally Meet In Last Laugh


Because Gotham takes place many years before Batman is well, Batman, there are a lot of characters who may know each other quite well that haven’t really interacted on the show yet. One such example is Dr. Leslie Thompkins & Bruce Wayne. In most versions, Dr. Thompkins is the Wayne family physician, and a close friend & confidant of Bruce Wayne. In Gotham, they haven’t even actually met yet, but that finally changes in this Monday’s episode, The Last Laugh.

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In the clip below, Bruce Wayne & Leslie Thompkins finally meet. With Bruce Wayne having a pretty close relationship with Jim Gordon going forward, it’s completely feasible that Bruce & Leslie will form a lasting relationship as well that will lead to her being his personal physician. The other thing to note is that Alfred seems really fixated on the fact that they’re going to see a magician. Bonus points to the Gotham writing staff if it’s Zatara. Check out the clip from The Last Laugh below:

And we have one more clip from this upcoming episode of Gotham. One where Jim Gordon & Harvey Bullock are on the hunt for Jerome after his massacre at the GCPD and want to send a message:

Things are quickly rising to a boil in Gotham. Who will have the last laugh? Find out this Monday on Fox!

h/t SuperHeroHype, EW

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