Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “Laws Of Nature”


We’re back to our weekly brainstorm sessions! I won’t lie, it feels great to be back coming up with ridiculous theories of how to twine Agents of SHIELD even further into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Overarching Questions

1. How much havoc is the mysterious Inhuman Lash going to wrack before anyone gets a handle on him?

It’s gotta be at least two more episodes, right? SHIELD will have at least one more encounter with him before they end up taking him into their custody and putting him in that specifically-made Inhuman container. That or the new security unit the President just created will get their hands on him first.

But it seems like Agents of SHIELD is sticking with his comics storyline of judging other Inhumans’ worthiness. It would be fun to watch him run with this for a mini-arc as the big baddie before Ward’s Hydra steps in. Plus it means we have the potential to see Inhumans using their powers against Lash. The more Specials we get to see, the more excited I am. It’s a show about superheroes; we need some super-powered people every now and then.

2. Where is Agent May?

She can’t just have left for “vacation” and never returned. Either she and Andrew have been kidnapped (as if, because she would have escaped and saved them both by now), or she’s working some covert mission behind Coulson’s back … yet again.

If it’s some sort of covert mission, then what is it about and who is it for? Or is it kind of like the Bobbi and Hunter side story of vengeance/retribution for something that happened in the past? Now that she’s come to terms with how she became the Cavalry (or at least has it out in the open), is she off trying to right the wrongs from before?

3. Who exactly is Rosalind?

She knew way too much about Coulson and TAHITI for comfort. Sure, Tahiti was public knowledge among SHIELD, which means other agencies probably knew about it. But how she said it, with such vindictiveness … who told her? Perhaps she had contact with Garrett at some point before he went off the deep end.

Hopping from agency to agency has to lead to a heck of a lot of useful knowledge on a heck of a lot of topics. Would it surprise anyone if she had her own personal moles at each location, still feeding her knowledge and interesting tidbits?

While she and Coulson may end up on the same side in this battle — or at least begrudgingly working together — she’s going to be a great foil for Coulson.

Weekly Avengers Cameo

With Daisy!Skye and Mack unable to get through to new Inhuman Joey when they initially rescue him, they turn to their backup to calm down and talk some sense into the emotional man.

And what’s more soothing than Jarvis’s voice? Why not have Vision as the calming voice of reason? He has a way with understanding the human race’s capabilities and such sudden changes. Now at least he would be about three months old rather than born yesterday. Plus he seems to put a great amount of logic into his thinking.

Then again, getting Vision may cost a pretty penny in the CGI department. Maybe a conference call? Or poor-connection Skype session?

Weekly Webisode Idea

“Mack’s Crazy Weapon Inventions.” I can’t even remember what he even said in the episode. Some sort of machine gun axe? Just tape things to other things. Knives on everything. Everything made of knives. Mack’s a mechanic, he can figure out the logistics!


I will be interested to see where exactly Simmons is in this upcoming episode. I know I didn’t even touch on that in this brainstorm session, and it’s mostly because the possibilities are endless. How many planets away is she? Is she even in the same solar system? Will we get a Star-Lord fly-by?

Honestly, the entire Simmons question would have been the “Fun Theory” section, which I bypassed this week. However, I couldn’t find a good train of thought to follow. Instead, you’ll have to come up with ideas on your own and share them in the comments. The best one will get an “honorable mention” in next week’s session!

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