What Year Was Batman The Most Popular Halloween Costume?


Batman is a popular costume to wear year round (well maybe not at Christmas, that would be a little weird), but obviously it hits peak sales at Halloween. Batman is always one of the more popular Halloween costumes, but which year was he the most popular? Was it the during the peak of Michael Keaton Batman years? Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale years? Or some random off-year that doesn’t really make sense?

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The year Batman was the most popular Halloween costume, according to Popsugar is surprisingly 1997. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s when the hugely disastrous Batman & Robin came out. Even more surprising, 1997 was the most popular year for Catwoman as a Halloween costume, who wasn’t even in Batman & Robin and was last in Batman Returns 5 years prior.

Does this mean movies have little impact on the popularity of wanting to dress up as a particular Superhero for Halloween? Well Spider-Man’s best year was 2002, the year of his first major big screen movie starring Tobey Maguire, so that would indicate the movies certainly have some impact. And Heath Ledger’s Joker was the popular costume of 2008, the same year Dark Knight was released. So this just appears to be year where despite having a movie that nearly killed the Superhero genre, Batman still remained an extremely popular costume despite the disaster that was Batman & Robin.

Will Batman v Superman cause a huge rise in Batman costume sales next year? It’s quite possible. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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