Gotham: No One Is Exempt


Comic book fans might’ve been pretty shocked by the death of one Commissioner Essen on last week’s episode of Gotham. After all, she was a pretty important and long-running character in the DC comics universe. She was even James Gordon’s wife at one point. But as Carmine Falcone’s death proved last season, very few characters are actually safe from death in Gotham, and actress Zabryna Guevera, who played the late Commissioner Essen, re-iterated this to the Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview.

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"It’s one of those things in the show: the higher you go, the more danger you’re exposed to. As you can see with the mayor, who’s not doing so good himself! No one is exempt."

Gotham EP Bruno Heller told the Hollywood reporter that Essen’s untimely death opens the door for Michael Chiklis’ character, Captain Nathaniel Barnes and that Essen’s death “really lets everyone know that however hard Gotham has been hit in the past, the Maniax are taking things up a notch — and that the show is taking things up a notch.”

So is no one truly exempt? While I would be willing to bet the more famous characters (Gordon, Penguin, Nygma Selina, Alfred, Bullock and of course Bruce Wayne) are pretty safe, anyone outside that immediate circle of Batman & his closest friends and foes may not be long for the world of Gotham.

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