This Life-Size Lego Batmobile Probably Isn’t Street Legal


Nathan Sawaya is an experienced Lego artist whose work you may have seen as recently as this year’s academy awards (that’d be the giant Oscar statue made out of Legos). And for his upcoming exhibit, The Art of Brick: DC Comics, which celebrates the 80-year history of DC comics in Lego form, he represented many DC Icons, including a life-size Lego Batmobile!

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The Lego Batmobile is 18 feet long and took Sawaya just over two months to make, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sawaya talked about the process of making this life-size recreation of the Caped Crusaders’ primary mode of transportation:

"For the Batmobile in particular, I collaborated with [DC co-publisher] Jim Lee, who was so gracious to actually draw live at a panel at Comic Con for a design of a new Batmobile while we were taking suggestions from the audience. So as that was how this all started. I used his drawing as a bit of a blueprint to come up with the actual Lego structure and then created this Batmobile brick by brick."

The Lego Batmobile will be making it’s debut in Sydney at Australia’s Powerhouse Museum this November. We’ll hopefully be able to check this out for ourselves stateside in the near future.

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