Gotham: Could Jerome Return?


Unlike say Fish Mooney, Jerome’s surprising death at the hands of secret criminal mastermind Theo Galvan seemed pretty final on this week’s episode of Gotham. I mean, he was on a slab in Gotham morgue, that’s about as dead as you can get. But in genre shows such as Gotham, death is hardly final. And Cameron Monaghan, who played Jerome, thinks he could return under the right circumstances.

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"I mean, it would depend, just like it has every single time, on how it’s done, if it makes sense, what the ideas were. Obviously, I’ve had an extraordinary time and a fun time with the character so far. But I wouldn’t want to ever do something that felt forced or unnatural to the story that they were telling or to the story of the character. If they could find a natural, logical way to bring Jerome back? Then yeah, I probably would. But there’s no telling as of right now."

Granted, Gotham seems more grounded than most comic book shows on TV these days, but it is at the end of the day a comic book show, and death is hardly final on TV in general. So don’t be surprised if the redheaded menace surfaces to terrorize Gotham again one day!


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