Real Life Spider-Man Saves Group From Burning Car


It’s an awesome thing when people who wear costumes of super heroes to actually play the role as best as they can. That’s what Tom dealt with.

"It all started when Stephen Grant, 39, cut off his finger in a lawnmower accident. Lucy Day, 36, hurried him into the car and away they went. When the car suddenly caught fire, they found themselves in desperate need of help. And that’s when Spider-Man appeared out of the blue, offering his assistance."

There was also a three year old girl in the car. So, our hero, Tom, just so happened to see this. Here’s why he was dressed up in the first place:

"The man who ended up rescuing them is child entertainer Tom Roche. He works for the UK based company Party Time Wishes. And he was on the clock when it all went down."

He was with his girlfriend. What we have here is a guy who is paid to be Spider-Man, but then steps out and becomes a hero on his own, even while on the clock. You can make some obvious connections to Peter Parker. Does Tom decide to be a hero full time? Probably not. Still a cool story.

Tom ended up getting Stephen to the hospital to deal with the finger injury. The entire story is worth a read.

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