Gotham: Captain Barnes Is ‘The Cavalry That Pushes Back’


The Maniax may have mostly been dealt with, but James Gordon still has a lot of cleaning up to do in Gotham. And he needs some help. Enter Captain Nathaniel Barnes, a hardcore by the book officer who wants to bring order back to Gotham. Michael Chiklis, who plays Captain Barnes, talked with Yahoo about his role on the series.

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Chiklis referred to Barnes as ‘the cavalry that pushes back’, someone who believes the law is what separates us from the animals, and he sees a lot of promise in James Gordon, so he takes him under his wing. But Barnes is also worried about the path Gordon seems to be heading down:

"He’s trying to pull him off of that path because he knows that’s the way to Hell. It’s making for some really good stuff because this whole thing is bubbling up into a war."

Will Barnes help Gordon off his well-intentioned path to Hell or push him further along it? Find out by tuning into Gotham: Rise Of The Villains Mondays on Fox!

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