Spider-Man Unlimited’s NYCC Update


New York Comic Con has been in full swing, and Spider-Man Unlimited team unleashed a wave of update information. Some of these announcements confirm what has already been announced, but others foretell the addition of a certain… bacon-filled Spidey that many players have been asking for every time an update swings by.

Set to release this month, October, the game’s newest patch will continue the current story line of the mobile app’s Spider-Island adaptation, where characters imbued with Spider-Man-like powers will come through the portal in a story which sees the Sinister Six infested world merge with the Spider-Island dimension. The following spideys have been revealed:

  • Agent Venom (awwww yeah!)
  • All-New Spider-Man (whose first issue is reviewed here)
  • All-New Spider-Man 2099
  • Spider JJJ (the menace!)
  • Madame Web

Silver Sable will also make a return in the story, as the spideys band together to shift her allegiance from villain to hero. This will be told through a multi-day event, and the aforementioned characters will release through their own events, as usual.

Spider-Man Unlimited Ham
Spider-Man Unlimited Ham /

Perhaps most importantly –no… definitely of the highest import, NYC attendees were graced with a special sneak peek of an upcoming Spidey that is sure to tickle everyone’s fancy, or drop an anvil on them; it’s a certain anthropomorphic Spidey, complete with snout and cartoonish durability. That’s right, it’s Spider-Ham! And along with the porcine Spider-Ham will be his gang of similarly proportionate heroes. Check the pic and silhouettes above and prepare your Iso-8!

It’s time to start running.

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