Gotham: Theo Galvan Meets With The Penguin


Theo Galvan is all about the future of Gotham. But in his mind, you can’t move into the future with blowing up the present!

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Theo Galvan has a grand vision for the city of Gotham. Unleashing the Maniax was just one part of his plan. Now to move, forward he meets with the king of the Gotham underworld, the Penguin. Penguin quickly assesses that Galvan is far more insidious than his public persona, which is good, because Galvan wants to convince Penguin that Gotham is currently far from what it could be. Check out the meeting of these two powerful figures below:

Will Penguin be on board with The Galvan’s vision for the future of Gotham? These two men are lots of trouble on their own obviously, what deviousness can they accomplish together? Or will Galvan and Penguin be going to war against each other? Find out by watching Gotham Mondays on Fox!


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