Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap – “A Wanted (Inhu)man”


It’s the return of Lincoln in this week’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD! But can it really be a return if he was only gone for one episode?

We’re going to try less of a shot-by-shot summary and more of a generic overview this week and see how things go.

Not-So-Short Summary: Our first interaction with Lincoln is him running through the forest from ATCU agents. To escape, he runs to a high voltage tower and shoots electricity at it to create a literal electric fence. It’s pretty sweet.

Unfortunately, ATCU has given his picture to every agency, and they’ve gone public. Skye and company are concerned, and thanks to Mack putting a tracker in Lincoln’s arm, they get in contact with him for a hot second before he freaks out some more and gets off the grid, holing up somewhere near Chicago with an old friend and/or sponsor.

There’s some pretty cool effects with Lincoln’s powers this episode, better than him just shooting his arms out straight out and hoping lights show up in the VFX department. He runs his electricity through a Greyhound bus, he shoots a baseball bat out of his sponsor’s hands, then attempts to revive him with said electricity because his powers caused a heart attack.

That’s when Lincoln reaches out to Daisy and SHIELD. Grandiose speeches ensue when Daisy arrives to extract him, from both Daisy and Lincoln. And the kissing ensues!

Coulson and Rosalind meet up to discuss the Lincoln situation, since, you know, the ATCU is making way too much noise for comfort. The hand puns commence, but Coulson gives her guidance on how to handle this entire situation. In return, Rosalind reveals her ace in the hole: Skye’s picture from the hospital surveillance.

But when Lincoln escapes, the ATCU agents try to get Skye instead. Coulson offers Rosalind something better: Coulson’s guidance in the future. ATCU and SHIELD will be working together on these sorts of threats. Mass public hysteria is never a good thing.

Simmons-Side: All the points to Elizabeth Henstridge this episode. If there’s one thing Agents of SHIELD seems to have a grasp on, it’s the small emotional beats. The way Simmons reacts to everything around her, less gravity included, shows just how far away Jemma is from this world.

She jumps at every little noise, not used to so many “distractions,” as she called them. But it seems more like a trigger of something that happened on that other planet. Fitz ends up renting out an entire restaurant for them so they can finally go on that date. The fact that he held onto that reservation for every single Saturday until she returned hit me right where it hurts.

But this pairing is so heartbreaking. At some point, I may get sick of this roller coaster of ups and downs. For now, I’m still in love with them both.

Hydra-Side: Hunter and May are chasing down leads and find themselves having to fight–literally. While Hunter gets his ass handed to him, May gets taken to have “drinks” with three lucky gentlemen, who get their asses handed to them by a tiny Asian woman. When she returns, Hunter wins his fight, but at the cost of murdering his original contact that got him into the fight. The devastation on Hunter’s face hits hard in those final moments.

But he gets his in with Hydra.

After-Credits Stinger: As Bobbi heads back from her rehab, she stumbles upon Simmons working frantically on the inert Obelisk remains in the lab. Bobbi assures her that the portal won’t open. Simmons says it has to. “I have to go back,” she assures.

Badass Moment of the Week: Melinda May. Through and through. Taking on three guys at once.

Best One-Liner: “Like you guys aren’t hard enough to understand already,” May mutters at the thought of trying to follow Hunter’s speech while drunk. Cue the subtitles.

Runner-up would be all of the hand puns Rosalind had in store for Coulson, but I didn’t have enough time to write them down, I was laughing too hard.

I can’t have been the only one who secretly hoped that when Daisy kissed Lincoln, she had some of Peggy Carter’s knock-out lipstick on. (Also I’ll get used to not typing Skye one day and have consistent “Daisy”s throughout my recap. One day.)

It was intriguing to see Hunter’s emotional response to killing someone with his bare hands. He’s a secret agent who has obviously killed before, but more than likely it was always behind the safe disconnect of a gun. Doing the deed with your bare hands is much more carnal.

It was also an interesting bonding moments between Fitz and Bobbi, a duo we don’t see together very often. Sure, they worked in the lab together since she’s temporarily out of the field, but we didn’t get to see any of that in action. We only saw Bobbi cover for Fitz in the lab while he was off being a pseudo-James Bond in Morocco.

So Lincoln escaped from custody yet again and is still on the run. Any idea where he’s going to hide out next? I think he’s been reading too many hideout books. There are only so many places he can run, especially with Lash on the loose, hunting Inhumans, and coming back into play next week.

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