Video Parody: Batman Maybe


Ok, so it isn’t the timeliest thing on the internet, but I recently found a Batman parody video that we happened to miss before.

Remember the insipid song Call Me Maybe? Well, it’s about that…but Batman. Specifically, the period in The Dark Knight Rises when Bruce Wayne is beaten down and semi-retired. Enjoy.

"Directed By Wesley FreitasShot By Jonathan BrunoEdited by Tyler TrautmanColored by Tashi Trieu"

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"Lyrics:I Rang your Wayne Manor BellYour secrets I’ll never tellBut things aren’t going so wellOh yeah and by the way,This Harvey Dent day is crapI know that you took the wrapIts been eight years and no batAnd so I gotta sayYour dread was holdingSmoke bombs you were throwingDark Knight, cape was flowinWhat the hell you doing lately!?Hey, when I met youIt was crazyA LamborghiniAnd two hot ladiesYou tried to look likeYou were happyBut you were batmanAnd really angryHey, when I met youYou were crazyYou drove a TumblerThrough Gotham CityAnd all the orphan boysTried to haze meI know you’re batmanSo stop being lazyThey say you’re pissing in jarsYou got long nails and weird scarsAnd that you don’t drive your carsOh yeah and by the wayI think this cat lady steals,She’s doing back flips in heelsActing like its no big dealAnd did I mention bane.His fame is growingWeird mask muscles showin’Almost killed Jim GordonWhat you gonna do about it!?Hey, When I met youIt was crazyYou drove a TumblerIn Gotham cityIt’s hard to walk rightWith a bad kneeGo see a doctorA leg brace maybeHey when I met you,You were crazyYou used a sky hookTo kidnapp ChineseThis Harvey Dent dayIt don’t phaze meWe need the batmanSo quit being lazyBefore you were the Dark KnightGotham was so badIt was so badI mean like so so badBefore you were the Dark KnightGotham was so badNow we miss batmanSo just be bat bat-manIt’s hard fight crimeFrom the east wingSo ride your bat podAnd shoot that gun thingHey when I met you,You were crazyYou drove a TumblerThrough Gotham CityAnd all The orphan boysTried to haze meI know you’re batmanSo stop being lazyBefore this Bane guy steals your cashJust shave your mustacheshave off your mustacheJust shave off your mustacheDon’t put on the batman maskWith a mustacheJust shave your mustacheThere is no bat-man-stache"

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