Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “A Wanted (Inhu)Man”


I could have filled this week’s Agents of SHIELD brainstorm session with questions upon questions, but instead, I expanded upon a short three questions instead.

It may have gotten out of hand on my notepad.

Overarching Questions

1. When will we see Bobbi back in the field?

She’s a great supporting player in the FitzSimmons dynamic, offering guidance to Fitz on being patient and understanding with Simmons. And it’s interesting to see that different side of her, the in-house, level-headed lab tech giving support.

But we need more ass-kicking Mockingbird. With May off with Hunter, there is a severe lack of badassery at SHIELD HQ. I’m hoping the shots of her rehab means Agents of SHIELD is getting us to her return. It’s only a matter of time before things start to explode in the world and Coulson has to call every living body into action.

2. What needs to happen to spice up the Inhumans?

Look, they feel a little lame so far this season (Lash notwithstanding, though he hasn’t done much). Skye has turned into a very serious SHIELD agent in her quest to help Inhumans; likewise, Lincoln has turned into a whining, angry person who refuses to listen to reason. He showed a glimpse of something great — sweet electric fence he made from the power lines — but fell back into bland, puppy-dog-eyed territory.

Please tell me there’s a faction of Inhumans still undiscovered, doing what Jiaying was doing, except that their leader is the equivalent of Magneto. Something of a messiah figure who inspires their followers to do their bidding. There are similarities between Jiaying and Magneto (Nazi torture background, creating their own world for their kind, though Jiaying’s was not an asteroid), but her darker turn didn’t have as much gravitas as it could have.

Will we ever see those leaders Jiaying alluded to? What ever happened to the rest of those Inhumans in Afterlife? I just opened up a package of endless questions. I just want a faction of evil Inhumans.

3. Does Simmons have super hearing?

The most obvious answer is no: her freakouts to various noises and distractions are due to the trauma from months on a different planet in a different galaxy in a different atmosphere.

But it’s easy enough to believe that the Obelisk was more than just a portal; maybe anyone who travels through it has their DNA affected, Inhuman or not. She could have a heightened sense of hearing, or all of her senses working on maximum overdrive. Maybe not to the extent of Matt Murdock, hearing things blocks away, but enough so that once she overcomes the emotion trauma, she will be a welcome addition to the field.

Fun Theory I’m Making Up Right Now

We don’t know where the Hulk disappeared to at the end of Age of Ultron, but fun fan speculations have theorized about interplanetary travel, a la the Planet Hulk storyline. Plus he’ll be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok, therefore …

What if Simmons landed on whatever planet Hulk landed on, say Sakaar? It’s not Bruce Banner, fellow scientist, with which Simmons would interact on another planet, but the Hulk, the super angry, super giant dude who’s battling the Red King and his army across the planet.

Remember how traumatized Black Widow was in the first Avengers after her run-in with Hulk on the Helicarrier? And she’s a badass super spy; she only pulled it together so quickly because of Hawkeye. Someone like Simmons dealing with him from any distance would be far from a walk in the park. Having to run from him and his battles for months with no sign of rescue…

I would be traumatized, too.

Weekly Avengers Cameo

How about a friendly Nick Fury drop-in on that hacked White House line between Coulson and Rosalind? Just an angry Samuel L. Jackson reminder that everyone is stupid and they need to work together instead of against each other. Skip all that meeting-in-secret stuff that Coulson had to go through.

Weekly Webisode Idea

Daisy and Mack gaming. And not just Halo and Destiny, but old school Mario Kart 64 battles.

Or a supercut mash-up of Simmons’ “I have to go back” interspersed with every Jack Shepard, “We have to go back,” from Lost.

Next week’s Agents of SHIELD gives us a good, long look at what Lash is capable of. I sincerely hope that it takes more than just one episode to take him down or capture him. Let him roam free for a while. Maybe take down whoever’s controlling him by the end of next episode and see what he does when he’s untethered.

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