Who Is Sean Pertwee’s Favorite Superhero?


As Alfred Pennyworth on Gotham, Sean Pertwee plays a man guiding a young man on the path to be a superhero. But who is Sean Pertwee’s favorite superhero? The answer is actually not that surprising:

"Batman. He’s an endearing character because in [about] 75 years, we’ve [become] attached to him and there must be a reason for his unerring popularity. It’s because he is someone that stands up against evil, and he’s an ordinary man that’s become extraordinary. That’s why he’s always been my favorite."

Sean Pertwee also talked about what’s in store for Alfred on this season of Gotham:

"You have to break something to make something stronger often with relationships. You’re going to see more of a contractual relationship with Alfred and Bruce, in going forward in investigating the wrongdoings of Wayne Enterprises. You’re going to see the joining of Lucius Fox in Operation Good Guys. Boy, do we need it this season because, as you can see, we’re descending into utter chaos by the hand of Galavan."

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Check out the rest of the interview at Gotham Magazine and be sure to catch Sean Pertwee as Alfred on Gotham Mondays on Fox!

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