Gotham: All About The Strike Force


The Strike Force is out to bring law and order to the city of Gotham, this group of young, incorruptible young academy grads in the secret weapon in Captain Nathaniel Barnes & Detective James Gordon’s war on crime and corruption in Gotham. The promo video below gives you a nice primer on the GCPD Strike Force:

I have to say I feel like Gotham’s writers really screwed themselves out of an opportunity here. Had they not been introduced in season one, this special unit would’ve been the perfect place to introduce Renee Montoya & Crispus Allen and have them be really important characters instead of people who are around for less than half the season and are never seen again oh well.

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Of course, the real question is will the Strike Force cause a real change in Gotham? Tune in Mondays on Fox to find out!


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