In Gotham, You May Not Have The Right To Wear Pants


In a clip from tomorrow’s episode of Gotham, “Scarification”, Captain Barnes, Detective Gordon and their Strike Force unit raid one of Penguin’s cash warehouses. After dodging a rocket launcher (welcome to Gotham), Barnes understandably is a little irritable when the all the guys they just arrested want to be able to put on their pants:

It’s definitely good to see a sense of humor in Gotham, it’s something that was lacking for the most part last season. Barnes is taking some big risks hitting Penguin where it hurt him most.

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What will Penguin’s response be? Will Gordon be in hot water due to he favors he’s done for Peguin? Is Captain Barnes a little too rigid for a city like Gotham that’s full of twists and turns like Bullock has said? Find out by tuning in Monday nights on Fox!


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