Batman v Superman Trailer Circa 1949!


We’ve seen many, many fan made Batman v Superman trailers. Most of them were either made using footage from various actors’ previous films or audio from the real trailers. This one, however, is far more unique. It uses actual footage/story from both Batman and Robin and Superman serials from 1949. It’s unique, it’s relatively inventive, and it’s not too far off from how the plot of BvS would have looked in the 40’s.

"These days, superhero movies are all about bombast — take, for example, the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” But there was a simpler time, when superheroes looked terrible and were more charming than scary. We imagine what a Batman/Superman matchup would’ve looked like in the era of the first serial films about the characters from way back in the middle of the century."

Not bad, and appropriate since the actor who played Batman in this series, Robert Lowery, had what would have been his 102nd birthday this weekend.

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