Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Does Not Disappoint


Yes, this isn’t directly comic book related, but since Star Wars comics are currently some of the best things Marvel has going for it, there’s enough of a connection for us to comment on the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that debuted during Monday Night Football in a masterful bit of Disney synergistic marketing.

Besides, it won’t take long to summarize my feelings about the trailer: It. Was. Awesome!

We got plenty of spotlight on new characters Rey and Finn, getting to know them just a little better. Rey describes herself as no one, while Finn is a solider with nothing left for which to fight.

They encounter Han Solo, who assures them that the stories they’ve heard of the Dark Side and a Jedi are real. The villainous Kylo Ren promises to finish what Darth Vader started, almost praying at his deformed mask, and there are plenty of amazing action scenes. The Force Awakens looks like it will take Star Wars space battles to the next level.

There’s a mystery at the end, with a voice (Leia’s?) telling someone to let the Force in. We never see who is supposed to do that though. It could be Finn, since we see him with a lightsaber, but it could easily be Rey or someone else.

Topping it all off, there’s an incredible use of familiar Star Wars musical themes, which I think is what actually gave me goosebumps even upon repeated viewings. Check it out for yourself if you somehow haven’t, or watch it again and try soaking it all in.

This certainly won’t be an original sentiment, but it’s true: December 17 can’t get here fast enough.

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