Gotham: Barbara Has A Plan


Does Barbara look like a girl with a plan? Well despite not doing a whole lot other than leading Gordon away from certain doom, according to actress Erin Richards, who plays trophy wife turned murderous psycho Barbara Kean on Gotham, she does have a plan, and it will play out over the net several episodes.

"Yes, she definitely has an end point that she’s trying to get to. You’ll see that develop as the season gets around [episode] 6, and 7, and 8, you’ll see that development coming to fruition for her."

So in other words the next several episodes of Gotham should be pretty interesting for Barbara. Does her plan involve manipulating the Galvans? Possibly. Will it be with the ultimate goal of revenge on Jim Gordon (and probably by extension Leslie Thompkins? Most likely.

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Check out Erin Richards full video interview with below, where she also talks about how she has more freedom than actors playing other more defined characters from the DC universe, the chances of Barbara’s possible redemption, and sort of address that fan theory that Barbara might be a female Joker. And be sure to catch Erin Richards as Barbara Kean on Gotham Mondays on Fox!

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