Gotham: Tabitha Galvan Will Be A Mentor To Selina Kyle


In Gotham, Tabitha Galvan wears lots of tight leather and is pretty hand with a whip. Sound like another famous Batman villain we are all pretty familiar with? It’s been hinted that Tabitha Galvan might be taking future Catwoman Selina Kyle under wing, and now in an interview with, Jessica Lucas, who plays Tabitha on Gotham, has confirmed it is happening:

"Pretty soon, Tabitha’s going to gain some independence, maybe branch away from Theo a little bit, and maybe that’s when you’ll see her meet with Selina."

We have noticed that Tabitha seems incredibly bored with Theo’s plan so far, and is possibly even a little scared of Babara (well who wouldn’t be).

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So obviously, Tabitha will have a pretty big influence on Selina, and it will be interesting to see how that relationship develops on Gotham. Check out the full video interview with Jessica Lucas below, where she discusses her training with the whip (she specifically teases a big fight sequence with someone, but won’t say who) and be sure to watch both her as Tabitha and Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle on Gotham Mondays on Fox!

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