Michael Chiklis Teases A Violent & Intense Gotham Future


Michael Chiklis plays Captian Nathaniel Barnes on Gotham. Barnes is a by the book captain who is meant to bring order to the city. But Chiklis is teasing a dark future for Gotham, specifically teasing the ninth episode of this season as a major turning point.

"Episode 9 really reveals why he is the way he is, and gets into the darkness of this character. There’s an epic battle with this group of villains, and there’s bombs going off, and shots fired, and knives being wielded, and it’s violent and intense."

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Check out the video interview below where Chiklis also compares Marvel & DC (he has been a character in both universes, though being The Thing in those awful Fantastic Four movies isn’t the same as being in any of the MCU films.) talks about his relation to Gordon (a mentor, but Gordon in going down a dark path) on the show and more. And be sure to catch Chiklis as Captain Barnes on Gotham Monday nights on Fox!

h/t Comicbook.com

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