Video: Crisis in the DC Multiverse


DCTV projects like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Lucifer, Constantine and Gotham do have some crossover with each other, but don’t look like they’re ever going to share anything with the DC Cinematic universe.

We’ve been told by producers and higher ups like DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns that they are all in different universes, but the explanation seemed like a cop out. Many fans complained because if you have a show like The Flash – which has a loyal fan base of viewers who may not even be into superheroes – but then cast a different person to play Flash in something like, say, the Justice League movie, you’ve likely split your fan base and alienated potential new fans.

Sure, the Mulitverse idea has been a big part of what makes DC DC, but most of it came about to cover up bad writing or lack of foresight. Continuity is the real backbone of the publisher’s identity and until the recent episodes of The Flash, it was a frustrating mess.

We’re finally getting to the point where we have a legitimate vision for the TV properties and their relationship with the films. It’s a Multiverse. Good. Will we ever see any real interaction between them?

That’s a crapshoot, but at least one intrepid person on YouTube called UltraSargent has put something together to show us what it would be like if we did. Check out

Justice League: Crisis

, a trailer cobbled together from Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and DCTV shows. it’s an homage to the greatest company wide crossover in history – 1985’s

The Crisis on Infinite Earths

– in which DC’s Multiverse was condensed into one history. It fixed poor writing, bad continuity and made life a lot easier for editors.

If only THIS is what the Justice League film would be about. I think I’d go into a Fanboy coma.

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