Superheroes Honor I-29 Batman


Lenny B. Robinson, otherwise known as the I-29 Batman to some, died tragically this last August, but his legacy lives on. The eccentric 51 year old brought joy to the lives of sick children in the Maryland area by dressing as Batman on his visits to local hospitals.

He would deliver gifts to those truly in need of help, but the most important gift he provided was hope.

Robinson first gained notoriety in 2012 during a not so routine traffic stop. Police pulled him over in his now famous black Lamborghini to discover him in full costume, having just come from a hospital visit. He quickly became an internet sensation.

This summer, when Robinson’s custom Batmobile suffered engine trouble on his way home on I-70, he was stuck by an inattentive motorist, pinning he and his car against the guard rail. He was killed instantly.

So that his good deeds don’t go forgotten, The Hope for Henry Foundation sponsored a visit to the Children’s National Medical Center by more than just Batman.

Allen and Laurie Strongin named the foundation Hope for Henry after their son, Henry, who died in 1995 of a rare anemic disorder called Fanconi Anemia.

Thanks to all who loved him the legacy of Robinson is alive and well. The impact he had on children’s lives will be felt for years to come, and now the traditions he started will continue for a long, long time. Thanks to Hope for Henry sick children will have true superheroes to look up to.

Source: Mashable

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