Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “Devils You Know”


In this week’s Agents of SHIELD brainstorm session, I’m actually only going to ask one question.

Overarching Questions

1. Is Lash someone we already know?

Very short and obvious answer: Yes. Browsing comment sections, I’ve seen a lot of intrguing fan theories on this. Some thoughts have included Rosalind Price or her second-in-command, who they made a big deal of not coming along on that truck ride so he was conveniently absent when Lash appeared. However, they were at the hospital at the same time as Lash a few episodes ago, so that doesn’t seem to fit.

Someone else suggested that Lash may be a new manifestation of Calvin Zabo, whose mutated genes thanks to his own doing react differently with the Terrigen crystals in the fish oil; Lash is the new manifestation of his Mister Hyde, which would explain why he didn’t go after Daisy.

But the most intriguing one (and the one that makes the most sense) is that Lash is Andrew. With how terrified Baby Von Strucker was fleeing that convenience store, it wasn’t just due to stabbing someone; if he had seen Andrew transform, that would be something to freak out about.

Everything Lash is doing is what Andrew has been preaching to Coulson regarding Inhumans, just to the most extreme. And he would know where the Inhumans are thanks to SHIELD. It would also explain why he left May (though if anyone would understand, it’s May). And with how they set up that shot of his cell phone ringing, only showing us dress pants and a pool of blood with Andrew’s face conveniently missing, he can’t be dead.

A review I read somewhere made the comment that Agents of SHIELD has a thing for killing off its black characters — Mike Peterson in the first season (though he did come back as Deathlok) and Agent Triplett in Season 2 — and disposing of Blair Underwood would follow suit. With Andrew being the down to earth moral compass of the show, it would be debilitating to lose him. He’s such a great addition to the cast.

Fun Theory I’m Making Up Right Now

Fitz decides to help Simmons build the portal back to that alien planet after she tells him everything. They even get it to work. They open the portal and see that dark blue, sandy, windy landscape and hear echoes of something. While they momentarily deliberate on who goes first, Bruce Banner tumbles through the portal into their lab.

“I never thought I’d get out of there alive,” he mumbles to the tile floor as FitzSimmons just stare.

Weekly Avengers Cameo

As the truck holding Dwight gets attacked by Lash and Daisy and Mack attempt to do something about it, War Machine swoops into action, knocking Lash out before he has the chance to kill Dwight. The ATCU takes Lash into custody while Rhodey makes some smartass comments about how necessary he is to these kinds of things, how Tony is too high-brow nowadays.

Weekly Webisode Idea

“Fitz and Simmons’ Evidence Filing System.” We heard all about B is for Blue is for Biological, but what else is there? If I was even a bit of a science nut, I would wager a few guesses, but I’d rather not embarrass myself … oh, what the heck. R is for Red is for Repurposed Materials? E is for Ebony is for Environmental.


Next week’s Agents of SHIELD is going to give us a nice long look at what exactly Simmons was up against on that alien planet. Might we get a name? A clue of a name at all? Even other aliens to give the super comic nerds a chance at some educated guesses.

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