Gotham: Butch Isn’t Looking For A Hand-Out…


Poor Butch. I mean seriously, is there any character who has gone through more trauma on Gotham? He’s been kidnapped, tortured, and conditioned so he turned (at least kind of) against his longtime boss and friend Fish Mooney. And even though he’s still loyal to Penguin, dude gets his hand chopped off all in a ploy to get Penguin out from under the thumb of Theo Galavan!

And in this latest clip from tonight’s episode of Gotham, Butch continues to play his part, trying to convince Galavan that Penguin has indeed gone mad (not that it’s hard to convince him of that when you are suddenly missing a hand) and that Butch needs new employment. Tabitha has a lot of ideas on how to put that new stump of his to some use.

Ok so I have a theory I want to throw out here. Butch is clearly under Penguin’s control, otherwise he would not have let him chop off his hand (or at the very least legitimately quit afterwards). But how far does that control extend? I mean, Butch isn’t around Penguin 24/7, and he’s still ultimately loyal to Fish Mooney, dead or alive.

So what I’m thinking is that Butch actually did reveal the location of the Penguin’s cash house to the Gotham PD, because he’s rebelling against Penguin however he can. He’s probably trying to undo Penguin to whatever extent he is capable of, but he has to keep up appearances, even if it means losing a hand in the process. The only way to know for sure is to keep watching Gotham Mondays on Fox!


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