Gotham: Catwoman and Firefly Are A Hot Team


Th city of Gotham may finally get too hot for it’s own good in tonight’s episode, “By Fire”, and we’ve got some new clips for you!

In case you need a primer, here’s the synopsis of tonight’s episode of Gotham:

"After Bridgit Pike (guest star Michelle Veintimilla) rejoins her brothers, a new spark of courage ignites within her, as she chooses to take control of her future. Meanwhile, Kringle and Nygma’s relationship will take a new step and Penguin and Galavan continue to battle for control of Gotham City’s underworld."

In the first clip, it seems Bridget Pyke has become quite the firebug (or Firefly as it were). But also with her newfound love of arson, Pyke has a new partner in crime, Selina Kyle! Is this Gotham’s first female villain duo? A proto Ivy and Harley if you will? Whatever the case, they seem to make a great team when it comes to robbing the citizens of Gotham. Check it out below:

The second clip goes into the history between Selina Kyle & Bridget Pyke, with Gotham star Camren Bicondova talking about how they drifted apart, and now how Selina is helping Bridget reassert her independence from her “brothers” (all while setting Gotham on fire):

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Of course we’ve already seem from previews for tonight’s episode of Gotham that Selina’s new partnership with Bridget causes huge issues with her somewhat tenuous relationship with James Gordon. Will that come to a head tonight? Will Selina get burned by her new partnership? Will that finally really turn her into a villain? Can her relationship with Gordon be salvaged? And will Firefly live through this episode? Find out tonight on Fox!


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