Batman Loses Game 1 of World Series


Believe it or not there’s a genuine overlap between sports and comic books. Seriously.

As a fan of both I can tell you how the drama that plays out in a sporting event is remarkably similar to that of our favorite superhero epics. Think about it: people dressed in brightly colored costumes, performing superhuman feats, trying to defeat the bad guys. It’s like watching a live action comic book in real time.

Just ask New York Mets fans. One of their ace pitchers, Matt Harvey (no relation) is referred to as Batman.

They live it up, trust me. Everything Harvey does is Batman themed.  They love to refer to New York as Gotham anyway, so why not have their hero be Batman?

Well, much to the chagrin of New York fans and much to the delight of Kansas City Royals  fans – like myself – Gotham’s Dark Knight failed to save the day in game 1 of the world series at Kauffman Stadium last night.

The normally stalwart – and often unhittable – Harvey gave up an inside the park home run to Royals lead off man Alcides Escobar on the first pitch of the game.

That would set the tone for a crazy game that lasted 14 innings – over 5 hours – and which would end in last second heroics by the Royals. Though Harvey pitched admirably, giving up 3 runs on 5 hits over 6 innings, it wouldn’t be enough to snatch the victory from KC.

After Batman had been chased from the game, Royals Left Fielder Alex Gordon shocked Gotham by hitting a home run off of the equally unhittable Mets closer Familia to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th. That would make sure Gordon would be the hero Kansas City deserved over the man called the Dark Knight.

Said Royals 1st baseman Eric Hosmer of Gordon’s heroics:

"“All I could tell him was, ‘I just want to hug you right now.’ That’s why he’s my hero. That’s why he’s a lot of people’s hero right now in Kansas City.”"

Via MLB, USA Today and ESPN

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