Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “4,722 Hours”


In an Agents of SHIELD episode unlike any other, there are quite a few different questions I’ll be asking. Unfortunately, they don’t build off of the Planet Hulk theory I had going, but at least I don’t have to keep bringing up #NoWardRedemptionArc …

Overarching Questions

1. What if Will is just a figment of Simmons’ imagination?

Ignoring the post-credits stinger where it appears Will is very much real, of course. It wouldn’t be a stretch to have him be imaginary; literally Simmons’ will to live personified. After falling and hitting her head, suddenly having another human being who speaks English and is ruggedly handsome is a viable side effect. Cliche, yes, but I’d be down for seeing where that revelation would leave Simmons when they go back to rescue him.

2. What if “It” in the sandstorm is Death?

Literally, Death from the comics. The same one Thanos is in love with (isn’t Deadpool at one point, too?). With how often Will talked about it being “death,” my mind may have gotten carried away.

It would be a cool way to introduce an aspect of Thanos that we may or may not even touch upon in the movies (aside from that throwaway comment about courting death when it comes to humans at the end of The Avengers), and a subtle way to keep Agents of SHIELD cemented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, we get offhand comments about Sokovia and falling cities. How about something a little more? Maybe not to the same scale as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but enough to make us excited.

Introducing Death in this way would make us think twice years from now whenever the comment comes up in a Marvel movie (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or Avengers: Infinity War Part I). 

3. Did we just see Ego the Living Planet?

There was plenty of speculation before this episode of Agents of SHIELD as to which planet Simmons may have inhabited. I had my crazy hopes set on a tie-in to Planet Hulk, which would be well over this show’s budget, so I wasn’t surprised when that didn’t happen.

The main fan theory at the moment is Ego the Living Planet. Some generic facts about him:

  • Control over its landscapes, how it looks, etc. to suit its needs (remember Will’s comment about how the planet didn’t want them to make the portal?)
  • Beneath the surface, has avast array of tunnels that could be compared to arteries (Will’s hangout)
  • Can create humanoid vessels (that astronaut and the creepy grim reaper, anyone?)

Ego is a very ridiculous comic book character, but how cool would that be if that’s the planet we saw?! I’m also down for this being my Fun Theory I’m Making Up Right Now.

Weekly MCU Movie Character Cameo (rebranding to be more accurate)

Even if it’s just his rocket-powered chair off in the distance or in the midst of a sandstorm, a glimpse of Thanos would be a warm welcome. Obviously, they don’t have the biggest budget to be able to provide the real deal Thanos. But we need more glimpses of him throughout the MCU since all he’s really done is smiled menacingly at the camera and make idle threats to one of his minions who ended up rebelling against him.

Weekly Webisode Idea

“Simmons’ Survival Log.” Random clips of her data logs of her time spent on the alien planet. They start out very specific, detailed, and science-y. But how far do the delve into the insanity and loneliness of being on a planet all by yourself?

I mean, she started with describing her terrain and the atmosphere and the science side of things, and one of the last ones before she found Will was how she killed the aqueous Grabboid and burped really loud. We need that kind of descent into insanity in our lives! It’s hilarious! …But only when it’s beloved fictional characters.

Next week’s Agents of SHIELD returns to the status quo, at least in terms of its storylines. No trip to other worlds, unless Heimdall decides to start playing around with things because he’s bored watching everything.

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