New Looks from Batman Unlimited


For those unaware of what Batman Unlimited is, it’s DC’s shift in thinking when it comes to introducing the Dark Knight to a younger generation.

DC and WB have struggled to fill the void left by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s Batman: The Animated Series universe. The epic run was a seminal incarnation of the character, defining him for audiences that span decades. It successfully reinvented itself with The New Batman Adventures, spun off into Superman, Justice League, Batman Beyond and culminated with the spectacular Justice League Unlimited.

Attempts to replace it as the flagship cartoon had varying levels of success, but nothing close to TAS. Beware the Batman failed to find a steady audience, The Batman was generally panned for trying too hard to make the characters more ‘edgy’ and The Brave and The Bold found loyal fans, but it ended up being a niche show at best.

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With Batman Unlimited DC has decided to move away from a serialized TV show and focus more on the On Demand world we live in. It started as a children’s toy line that expanded to stand alone animated features. One of the latest is Batman Unlimited: Iced Out where the Caped Crusader tangles with one of my favorite and most underrated villains, Mr. Freeze.

"Batman is prepared for an ice storm when battling Mr. Freeze"

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The franchise has now morphed into a a webseries on the DC Kids YouTube channel. We will bring you videos from each of the current episodes as time goes on.