Gotham: Meet The Riddler


So yes we’ve met Edward Nygma. But Nygma as we meet him isn’t the Riddler. He is a meek little nerd who likes riddles, but that’s all he is. Then after committing his first murder in the finale of Gotham’s first season, we started seeing another side of Nygma. But this wasn’t truly the Riddler persona either. It was more confident yet much darker side of Edward.

But now, after choking poor Kristen Kringle to death on last week’s episode of Gotham, it seems that the real Riddler has emerged. His first mystery? Where did this alternate personality of Edward Nygma’s split personality hide Miss Kringle’s body? See the very first Riddler riddle for yourself in the clip below!

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But we’ve got more clips from this Monday’s Gotham! Theo Galavan has won the Mayoral race! His first act? To declare martial law in the city of Gotham! It’s all in an effort to get rid of Penguin, who of course is pretty much the only person who has anything on the Galavans. Police Captain Barnes & Harvey Dent are of course all in on the idea, but James Gordon doesn’t seem to keen on the idea:

In this next clip, Bruce Wayne’s new friend, Silver St. Cloud, meets Bruce’s friend Selina Kyle. This is where we first see Silver’s dark side, as she really does not have a high opinion of Selina and let’s her know the second Bruce is out of earshot.

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Finally, it seems the Galavans (speficially Tabitha) have actually managed to free Butch of Penguin’s control, which puts him in a very dire position:

What effect will martial law have on Gotham? Just how dark is Silver St. Cloud? What Will Penguin need to do to get out of his predicament? Find out tomorrow on an all new episode on Fox! 1, 2, Nerdist