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FOX’s Gotham is still chugging along here in Season 2.

Even though the Batman-less series is much maligned and is on dangerous ground when it comes to ratings, they showrunners have valiantly tried to right the ship. The Rise of the Villains approach has introduced quite a few new characters and focused on the story lines that fans positively responded to in Season 1.

Tonight’s episode, Mommy’s Little Monster, continues that trend by centering the spotlight directly on the evolution of the Penguin (plus some necessary mobster plots).

So, directly following Gotham‘s 7th episode of its 2nd season, you can come right here to watch the LIVE recap show through our partnership with TheStreamTV!

"Gotham After Show Season 2 Episode 7 “Mommy’s Little Monster”Butch leads Penguin and his men to the warehouse where Gertrude is being held, as Penguin plots his revenge on Galavan for kidnapping his mother.Join Tommy Bechtold, Kristin Sanchez, and Mark Cirillo every week, live and on-demand, for review and conversation about each new episode. Tweet in questions or comments to the hosts all week using the hashtag #GothamAS"

That’s right, kids! We bring this to you every single week, but that’s not the end of our Gotham coverage.

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