Constantine On Arrow: Round Table For “Haunted”

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What’s So Significant About the Orb of Horus?

Steve Lam: When Constantine said “Horus”, my Constantine alarm instantly went off.  Where have I heard that before?  Oh yeah, all the way back in the pilot episode of Constantine — “Non Est Asylum.”  The orb and the staff didn’t make an appearance, but John’s trusty sidekick, Chas Chandler, carved the Eye of Horus — a sigil — on a door to protect Liv Aberdeen, the daughter of John’s friend, Jasper Winters, from evil forces.  Very cool that “Haunted” referenced an artifact from NBC’s Constantine!

Nick Tylwalk: Having never even seen one second of Constantine when it was on the air, it never even occurred to me that the artifact might be a callback to something from the NBC series. That is indeed cool, even if I didn’t get the reference.

From what I know of the character, the bit that made me smile was when John broke off the shiny part of the Orb and gave it to Ollie to take back, claiming it would be enough to convince the leader of the bad guys on the island that it was important.

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