Constantine On Arrow: Round Table For “Haunted”

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We’ve Seen Constantine Travel to Other Realms Before

Steve Lam: When John is about to perform the restitutionum — the restoration of a soul back to the body — on a soulless Sara Lance, he mentions that he’s done this before.  When and where?  Well, his exact words to a questioning Thea were “maybe a year ago”, and Constantine fans will remember an episode titled “A Whole World Out There” — which aired almost a year ago in January — where John and his hacker friend, Ritchie Simpson, had to leave their bodies and go to an alternate dimension to save an Ivy University student’s consciousness.

When John, Ollie, and Laurel arrive in the realm where Sarah’s soul is being held hostage, we see multiple League of Assassins soldiers appear.  The big bad that John fights and defeats is suspiciously dressed like a Ra’s al Ghul (I say “a Ra’s al Ghul” because that name is a title and the current one is Malcolm Merlyn) which brings me to this question: is this the damned soul of the Ra’s al Ghul that Oliver killed at the end of Season 3?

Nick Tylwalk: It actually surprised me a bit when Constantine claimed he had only recovered someone’s soul once before. I just figured that sort of thing was his stock and trade, and that he’d been to all kinds of weird and unknowable dimensions in his line of work. Recovering souls seems like it should be another day at the office for him. I also thought he might be joking, because as a Constantine rookie, it was tough to say when he was being serious or pulling someone’s leg — and it appeared the more uncomfortable people around him are with the idea of the occult, the more he’ll take advantage of that fact.

I hadn’t really given much thought to John’s swordfight opponent in the other realm. I like your theory that it could be Malcolm’s soul, and perhaps he too will need rescuing at some point (that’s if he can be redeemed, which is a whole separate can of worms). Knowing a bit of Constantine’s comic book history, I liked the way the writers had him “cheat” to win that fight using more spells. Just seems like something he would do.

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