Gotham: Clips From Tonight’s The Night


A nightmare of a wedding rehearsal, Theo Galavan tries to make a business deal with Bruce Wayne by using the thing he wants most in the world and more in these clips from this Monday’s upcoming episode of Gotham, “Tonight’s The Night”!

We have several clips from “Tonight’s The Night” for you below. The first is a dream of marriage that turns into a nightmare as Barbara Kean dreams she’s finally getting married to the love of her life, Jim Gordon. Only it turns into more of a nightmare with everybody laughing at Barbara while she looks even more insane than usual. If it wasn’t for the fact that she’s a full blown, homicidal maniac, I’d almost feel sorry for her. But this is Barbara Kean we are talking about, I don’t think I’d feel sorry her because even before she was entertainingly crazy, she was just the worst:

Theo Galavan is mayor of Gotham, but that’s only one part of his plan. The other involves Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises. But James Gordon is of course (FINALLY) onto the fact that most of the insanity in Gotham this season (especially The Maniax and Penguin burning down buildings as well as assassinating other mayoral candidates) were all machinations of Galavan’s plan. This forces Galavan to not only move up his timetable, but use a tool at his disposal to get rid of Gordon. That tool? Barbara Kean, of course:

And speaking of Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises, the next clip deals with Galavan’s meeting with the majority shareholder of Wayne Enterprises. Galavan tries to convince Bruce to sell Wayne Enterprises to him in order to help Galavan clean up Gotham. Sounds like an easy deal right? He’s just a kid, this deal would keep him a billionaire without the burden of trying to right the ship of his father’s company. Bruce isn’t going for it, but as usual, Galavan has one hell of an ace up his sleeve:

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In this final clip from “Tonight’s The Night”, Gordon and Bullock have Barbara in the back of a squad car, with her having some sort of info on something they want. They suspect a trap, as does Captain Barnes, who orders them to pull out before it’s too late, but whatever Barbara has for them, it seems important enough for them to disobey Barnes:

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What does Theo Galavan want with Wayne Enterprises and how does that tie into his plans to destroy Bruce Wayne (after all, he hardly needs the company to do that)? Will Barbara distract Jim long enough to keep him from helping Bruce? What part will Penguin, who’s out for revenge big time against Galavan play in all this? Tune in to Monday’s episode of Gotham, “Tonight’s The Night” to find out!